kidsThe Kid’s Fair Play FUNd’s mission is to provide opportunities for all kids in Shelburne County to participate in Sport, Recreational, and Cultural activities. Participation contributes to the healthy development of children and youth assisting them to achieve personal excellence. Knowledge and skill learned as children are carried with them as they become adults to be used throughout their lifetime. The Kids’ Fair Play FUNd is a Fund administered by the Municipality of Shelburne in cooperation with the other Municipal units in the County as well as businesses, commounity groups, and individuals to assist the children and youth of Shelburne County.

How to Access the FUNd

Applications to assist children and youth under 19 years of age are received at any time throughthout the year and reviewed for approval 4 times per year on or shortly after the following dates: December 15, March 15, June 15 and September 15. An application form (247 kB)  can be downloaded or can be requested from any of the Recreation Departments in Shelburne County.

Contact your local Recreation Department to access the Kids’ Fair Play FUNd or to find out more about other assistance programs for childern and youth such as the Canadian Tire Foundation for Families Jump Start Program and KidSport. The Municipality of Shelburne Recreation Department is a member of the Shelburne/ Yarmouth KidSport Chapter and the Canadian Tire South West Jump Start Chapter.

How to Help the Kids’FairPlay FUNd:

  1. Supporting the Kids’ Fair FUNd will help kids overcome obstacles to participation. Supporting the FUNd can be given in a number of forms such as those listed below:
  2. A direct financial donation can be made to the FUNd by the way of the Municipality of Shelburne. Receipts for financial donations will be provided for income tax purposes.
  3. The FUNd accepts donations of new or used equipment.
  4. Donations of goods and services can be used for prizes at various fundraising projects held throughout the year.

If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children and youth in Shelburne County then you should consider volunteer service as a member of one or both committees that make the FUNd work.
The Application Review Committee approves the spending of the money in the FUNd. The Fundraising Committee organizes events to raise money and seeks out source to money to support the work of the FUNd.

Download the Kids' Fair Play Fund Application Form (247 kB) .