Water Utility

The Town of Shelburne provides quality drinking water to town residents. Through the Public Works Department, the Town is involved in every step – supply, treatment, distribution, repairs and monitoring – to provide safe water for town residents.

The Town of Shelburne’s commitment to providing safe and clean drinking water combines the skills and dedication of the Water Treatment Plant Operator, Dan Vincent along with ongoing collection and testing of numerous water samples throughout the treatment and distribution system.

Water Rates - Effective April 1, 2015.

Base Charges Quarterly
Unmetered (based on 68 cubic meters per quarter) $229.85
Size of Meter  
5/8" $100.46
3/4" $148.33
1" $244.07
1.5" $483.43
2" $770.66
3" $1536.60
4" $2398.29
6" $4791.86


Consumption Rate

$1.85 per cubic meter

Minimum Bill

The minimum bill shall be the Base Charge.

Connection Fee

The Utility shall charge a $100.00 fee for the creation of a water account, not withstanding the fact that no physical disconnection of the system may have occurred.

Disconnection Fee

Whenever a customer request that the water be turned off from any premises for an extended period of time, a charge of $50 shall be made for turning off the water, and no additional charge shall be made for turning it on again when this is requested unless such request is after regular working hours of the Utility when a fee of $100.00 shall apply.

For additional information on water-hook ups, rates, etc, please contact the Water Treamtent Plant Operator at (902) 875- 3259 or by email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .,