Governance/Organizational Study Recommendations

In February 2010, the Council of the Town of Shelburne issued an RFP for a Governance / Organizational Study to: “evaluate the Town’s governance structure, and to evaluate the ability of the Town to maintain and/or improve services in an efficient, effective and appropriate manner”. The project was awarded to Ramp Up Consulting.

This report is submitted as part of the Town of Shelburne Governance / Organizational Study. As required in the Terms of Reference1, this report presents the Consultant’s recommendation for realizing a strong, viable local government for the residents of the Town.


  1. That the Town of Shelburne aggressively pursue strategies to increase population and attract businesses and not undertake any governance changes at this time, and further;
  2. That the Town of Shelburne accept the five key elements of the Preliminary Implementation Plan provided

Download a PDF of the entire Governance-Organizational Study Recommendations (43.21 kB)