Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I get an assessment done on my property?
    To get information on assessments, visit the Property Value Services Corporation (PVSC)
  2. What are the tax rates?
    Tax Rates for 2014/15 are as follows:
    Residential – $2.04/100 of assessment
    Commercial – $3.86/100 of assessment
  3. Can I pay my taxes online?
    No, you are unable to pay taxes online at this time.
  4. Does the Town Hall accept VISA and MC?
    Not at this time. We accept cheques, cash, money orders or debit.
  5. Where can SRHS program registration forms be picked up?
    They can be found on the website or at the Town Office.
  6. How can I pay my parking ticket?
    Parking tickets are paid at the Town Office or payment can be mailed with the ticket number included.
  7. When can I expect to receive my tax bills?
    Tax bills are sent twice a year, once in April and final billing for the remaining amount is billed in August. Sewer will also be billed on the final tax bill.
  8. I have questions about recycling and waste management. Who should I contact?
    For questions on Waste Management, you should contact the Waste Diversion Coordinator by calling the Municipality of the District of Shelburne at (902) 875-5336.