Fire Services

Fire Protection Services have been a part of the Town of Shelburne since the late 1800’s. Members of the Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department provide fire protection for the Town of Shelburne and part of the Municipality of the District of Shelburne.

The Shelburne Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD) consists of 43 dedicated volunteers who are trained to provide fire protection services to the citizens of Shelburne. In addition to fire prevention, the Volunteer Firefighters educate the citizens of Shelburne County on fire prevention, assist with motor vehicle accidents, search and rescue efforts, and ice rescue when needed. They work with organizations such as the schools in the area, and Roseway Manor doing regularly scheduled fire drills and education sessions to ensure the safety of Shelburne County Citizens.

The Fire Station is located at 63 King Street.
Inquiries: 875-3106.
Emergency Services:"9-1-1"