Councillor Roy O'Donnell

Councillor Roy O’Donnell has been involved with municipal and provincial government his entire life, with a proven record of success. Now in retirement, Roy is committed to devoting his full attention to his role on council and improving our beloved town.

Roy was born in West Head and raised on Cape Sable Island before moving to Shelburne where he has lived his entire adult life. Here Roy opened the town’s first Home Hardware store, one of his several successful businesses, and raised two sons, Shawn and Darren.

Along with running businesses and raising his sons, Roy served two previous terms as Shelburne Town Councilor. As councillor he served as Chairman of the Finance Committee, Chairman of the Electric Light Utility and numerous other committees of council. Those of you with family members enjoying the comforts of Roseway Manor might be surprised to know that Roy was a founding member of the Board of Directors for the construction of this facility, and instrumental in making the Roseway Manor a reality.

Looking forward, Roy is keenly aware of the challenges and opportunities facing our town and will apply his unique approach (common sense mixed with a skill for brokering solutions) to insure that we as a town reach our full potential.

Roy is honored to have the opportunity to serve the town of Shelburne, but he firmly believes that open community involvement and activism are critical to our success and he wants to see more townspeople become active and engaged in the important issues we face. 

Roy believes in small town values, hard work, community activism, and that the benefit of the majority must outweigh the inconvenience of the minority. By all pulling together as an engaged community, Roy is confident that we can rebuild our economy and social infrastructure to make Shelburne not only a place where our children can stay and raise their families, but a place that people will want to come home to.

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